We believe that the most effective referral we can provide are the ones that come directly from our past clients. You can contact any of my clients below with your questions about my design and project management performance or to discuss their real-life projects:

Joe & Dottie Schiel
Bathrooms, Kitchen Top & Flooring
303-794-6608 : Email

Rebekah Snell
Whole House
720-785-0526 : Email

Dave & Peg Nelson
Whole House
303-637-7643 : Email

Cheryl & Jim Gagin
303-856-8890 : Email

Marlene Williams
Kitchen, Master Bath/Baths, Laundry, Family Room
303-263-3295 : Email

Ruth & Scott Weirich
Master Bath & Kitchen
303-478-3931 : Email

Scott & Martha Middlemist
Master Bath & Kitchen
303-910-7584 : Email

Louise Sherrill/Neil Sullivan
Kitchen, Master & Powder Bathrooms
303-694-1070 : Email

Karl Weiss
Kitchens (2)
303-323-1900 x 202 : Email

Mike & Susan Montgomery
Kitchen : Atlanta, GA
404-237-1569 : Email

Deb Clem Fox
303-751-5507 : Email

Rev. Marilyn Lewis
Kitchen & Bathrooms
303-973-8520 : Email


Whole House

“It was a challenge: perfect location, breathtaking view and a plain-Jane 1960’s house with 8 ft. ceilings and little architectural interest.  Barbara suggested something I hadn’t thought of: incorporating into the design features that would make living in the space easier as the physical effects of aging set in, giving us the option to enjoy our home for years to come (we are in our sixties).  A laundry pocket was installed to eliminate carrying loads up and down the stairs.  Also a pull out ironing board. Two ovens placed shoulder height…dishwasher raised with plate rack to make loading and unloading easier…Many of these features now seem normal and I am surprised when I visit other homes and that to accommodate uncomfortable appliance locations…

A walk-in tub and curbless shower are reassuring in my Master Bathroom.  This is probably the most beautiful room in the house, and anything but just functional.  As arthritis controls more of my movements, I am ever grateful that I can accomplish daily tasks that might otherwise be put off if too complex or painful. “


Kitchen & Dining Room

“Yesterday 10/31/19 Was the 3rd anniversary of the start of our kitchen and dining room remodel. I want to thank you for your expertise at planning and facilitating the very large project we hired you to do. You worked seamlessly with the contractor we chose and created the perfect space for us to entertain. All the while thinking of our future and designing a kitchen we can grow old in. Wide walkways that in the future could accommodate a wheelchair if needed. Ovens and built in microwave that are just at the right height for a 5’4” baker. Plenty of counter space to create those baked goods. All the pull out drawers in our cabinets so there is no trying to reach into the back of the cabinet to get bowls or pans out. And the mixer lift…what a dream come true. Your attention to details was beyond our expectations. Your work with the contractor and your suppliers helped to get the renovation done right on time. Thanks to you Barbara we are the envy of our neighborhood”

Whole House

“We feel so fortunate Barbara was our senior living designer for the remodel of our home.  Our living space was on one level and we needed Barbara’s vision and experience to turn our entire area into a home that took into account our needs for being seniors for the many years we look forward to in our home.  Her education and experience in senior living was invaluable as the introduced us to products that were designer for mobility, stability and safety while also providing a design aesthetic:  from flooring, to countertops to window coverings and a bathroom that was beautiful as well as safe.  An area that we had not considered ourselves was the use of lighting.  The lighting design for the entire house took into account the various activities that would take place as well as the need for the type of lighting that would assist us with senior living. “

Kitchen and Baths

“Barbara was so helpful and knowledgeable with our redecorating project, from referring us to the contractor, as well as assisting us with ordering new counter-tops, new grab bars and flooring.  We could not have done it without her! ”

Office Kitchen

“Barbara Barton designed my kitchen at home many years ago, so when it came time to finding a designer for the kitchen at our office/mansion, there was no one else I needed to think about calling. Our office is in a beautiful historic mansion near Downtown Denver, but as it evolved through a number of different owners over the years, the kitchen became an office lunchroom. We needed to return it to a functional kitchen, suitable for a professional chef, yet maintain the look and feel that is in concert with a home built at the turn of the century. Barbara’s design and execution was phenomenal. The kitchen looks like it truly belongs with the rest of this magnificent mansion. The layout creates a perfect workflow when we have big dinner parties and multiple chefs, cooks and waiters, together. Whenever new guests come to see us (and check out the mansion), the kitchen is always a point of awe and amazement. There’s no question who I will call when it comes to my next kitchen remodel.”


“Barbara helped bring to life the kitchen of my dreams that previously had resided only in my mind.  While I knew the elements I’d like to incorporate, Barbara was able to pull them all together and make the vision a reality.  She also made me aware of new and wonderful appliances, pointed out potential drawbacks when necessary and kept me focused on the big picture throughout.  The biggest surprise when the project was complete was just how much enjoyment it really could bring to my family.”

Master Bathroom

“We met Barbara at the Home Show and clicked right from the beginning.  However, we had absolutely no idea how much value a professional designer would bring to our bath and how many details, from selection to installation, were involved. Thank goodness she was knowledgeable, brought in great contractors and today remains a friend!”


“Tackling a new kitchen remodel in a 1935 Tudor home, and being pregnant while we started the process was almost more than I could handle. But, the new design has proven to not only accommodate my twins (including the slate “looking” floor of vinyl for the kid’s sakes), but also friends as we entertain in the bar area. The layout, the selection of materials, the attention to detail for the colors, accessories, and architectural features was impeccable. My favorite “doggie door” designed under a countertop between the ovens and refrigerator was the icing on the cake.”


“Barbara understood my vision from the beginning and even improved upon it.  Her suggestions were spot on, making the entire process easy and enjoyable.  The finished product – and the day to day experience of working with Barbara far exceeded all my expectations.”

Multiple Spaces

“My husband and I have worked with Barbara on 3 different projects in our house. First was an enormous kitchen remodel that involved kitchen, dining and living room space.  Then a Master Bath and small powder room were done.

What a great collaboration!  Barbara made us think of things we never would have considered.  She welcomed our research and ideas as well as bringing so much wisdom to the various projects.  When asked what was the best part of the bathroom project, I said – the medicine cabinets! They were very high quality and I think I didn’t really get how all the features in them would be so helpful.  Barbara helped us get there in the decision making process and now I completely understand.

I think that process of listening to needs and educating us about the myriad of possibilities and then helping us hone down to what would work for us was perfect.  We couldn’t be happier with the results and would leap at the chance to work with her on a future project.”

Kitchen, Master Bathroom & Master Closet

“We had the pleasure of working with Barbara to remodel a full bathroom and update our kitchen.  Barbara offered a very friendly, personalized and professional guided process from design all the way through the finishing touches. Thanks to Barbara we felt confident throughout the remodel process.  The results are amazing, we are truly enjoying our fabulous new kitchen and bath.”