At Barbara Barton & Associates, we believe the PROCESS OF CREATION should involve both of us.

We also believe that to help you build your dream we need to bring a combination of careful listening, intuitive understanding, cooperative sharing, superb creativity and proven experience.  Our team will bring this and more to your need, including following through to the last detail.

Whatever room you desire, let us help you bring it alive – that which your eyes have not yet seen, but your heart knows when it is seen!

Remodeling and Home Design
Safety for Seniors


Are you enjoying all your activities that you wish fully and without hesitation?

What changes have you experienced in your physical or mental

What does “comfortable, safe and accessible” mean to you in your home?


Most all of us want to live in our homes for a very long time. In order that we can care for ourselves as well as our visiting neighbors, our grandkids and friends of all ages, we want THEM to feel comfortable and safe too. Life gives us temporary or permanent infirmities which may require changes in our living spaces. To emotionally, mentally, and physically feel SAFE, we pay attention to our home’s design and space.

Collaborating with a Professional that is steeped in a commitment to these scenarios can be very reassuring. Let me assist you in creating the Quality of Life you deserve and the comfort of home for years to come. Please give me a call to discuss your needs.