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Master Bathroom - Barbara Barton & Associates  

Pam Petree & Joe Waltuch
Broomfield, CO:
Master Bathroom
"We met Barbara at the Home Show and clicked right from the beginning.  However, we had absolutely no idea how much value a professional designer would bring to our bath and how many details, from selection to installation, were involved. Thank goodness she was knowledgeable, brought in great contractors and today remains a friend!"

Kitchen - Barbara Barton & Associates  

Kris S., Denver, CO:
"Barbara helped bring to life the kitchen of my dreams that previously had resided only in my mind.  While I knew the elements I’d like to incorporate, Barbara was able to pull them all together and make the vision a reality.  She also made me aware of new and wonderful appliances, pointed out potential drawbacks when necessary and kept me focused on the big picture throughout.  The biggest surprise when the project was complete was just how much enjoyment it really could bring to my family."

NKBA Award Winning Kitchen - Barbara Barton & Associates
NKBA Regional
Award Winner

Karl Weiss, Hilltop, Denver, CO:
"I’ve worked with Barbara on several projects, and when I purchased a new home with a 1940’s kitchen no bigger than most of today’s bathrooms, I called Barbara to see if she could work with my architect and figure something out.  It was such a huge challenge, I wasn’t sure if even she could succeed this time.  Of course, Barbara came through with flying colors.  The new kitchen is completely open, making it feel so much bigger.  And she managed to reclaim a few inches here, sometimes as much as a few feet there, to make the space much bigger and truly enjoyable to work in.  Perhaps most amazing is that my cooking has improved dramatically, as I use this kitchen more than any other I’ve had.  When guests come over, I can’t get them out of there either, and have given up setting the dining room table.  Before Barbara cast her magic, I can assure you, no one would have stepped foot in that old kitchen!"



We believe that the most effective referral we can provide are the ones that come directly from our past clients. You can contact any of my clients below with your questions about my design and project management performance or to discuss their real-life projects:

Louise Sherrill/Neil Sullivan 
Kitchen, Master & Powder Bathrooms
303-694-1070 : Email

Karl Weiss 
Kitchens (2)
303-323-1900 x 202 : Email

Mike & Susan Montgomery
Kitchen : Atlanta, GA
404-237-1569 : Email

Deb Clem Fox
303-751-5507 : Email

Kris S.

Gina Broderick
Kitchen Update

Ramona Aebli
Kitchen : Pensacola, FL

Rev. Marilyn Lewis
Kitchen & Bathrooms
303-973-8520 : Email

Phyllis Gage & Jim Everson
Hall Bath
303-915-9744 : Email

Pam Petree / Joe Waltuch
Master Bath
303-280-7276 : Email

Roseanna Phillips
Master Bath : Pensacola, FL
850-434-5215 : Email

Office Kitchen - Barbara Barton & Associates  

Karl Weiss, Cass Mansion, Denver, CO:
Office Kitchen
"Barbara Barton designed my kitchen at home many years ago, so when it came time to finding a designer for the kitchen at our office/mansion, there was no one else I needed to think about calling. Our office is in a beautiful historic mansion near Downtown Denver, but as it evolved through a number of different owners over the years, the kitchen became an office lunchroom. We needed to return it to a functional kitchen, suitable for a professional chef, yet maintain the look and feel that is in concert with a home built at the turn of the century. Barbara's design and execution was phenomenal. The kitchen looks like it truly belongs with the rest of this magnificent mansion. The layout creates a perfect workflow when we have big dinner parties and multiple chefs, cooks and waiters, together. Whenever new guests come to see us (and check out the mansion), the kitchen is always a point of awe and amazement. There's no question who I will call when it comes to my next kitchen remodel."


Homeowner, Denver, CO:
"Tackling a new kitchen remodel in a 1935 Tudor home, and being pregnant while we started the process was almost more than I could handle. But, the new design has proven to not only accommodate my twins (including the slate “looking” floor of vinyl for the kid’s sakes), but also friends as we entertain in the bar area. The layout, the selection of materials, the attention to detail for the colors, accessories, and architectural features was impeccable. My favorite “doggie door” designed under a countertop between the ovens and refrigerator was the icing on the cake."



Homeowner, Denver, CO:
"Barbara understood my vision from the beginning and even improved upon it.  Her suggestions were spot on, making the entire process easy and enjoyable.  The finished product - and the day to day experience of working with Barbara far exceeded all my expectations."


Dr. Neil Sullivan & Louise Sherrill, Greenwood Village, CO:
Multiple Spaces
"My husband and I have worked with Barbara on 3 different projects in our house. First was an enormous kitchen remodel that involved kitchen, dining and living room space.  Then a Master Bath and small powder room were done.

What a great collaboration!  Barbara made us think of things we never would have considered.  She welcomed our research and ideas as well as bringing so much wisdom to the various projects.  When asked what was the best part of the bathroom project, I said - the medicine cabinets! They were very high quality and I think I didn’t really get how all the features in them would be so helpful.  Barbara helped us get there in the decision making process and now I completely understand.

I think that process of listening to needs and educating us about the myriad of possibilities and then helping us hone down to what would work for us was perfect.  We couldn’t be happier with the results and would leap at the chance to work with her on a future project."


Scott & martha
Kitchen, Master Bathroom and Master Closet
"We had the pleasure of working with Barbara to remodel a full bathroom and update our kitchen.  Barbara offered a very friendly, personalized and professional guided process from design all the way through the finishing touches. Thanks to Barbara we felt confident throughout the remodel process.  The results are amazing, we are truly enjoying our fabulous new kitchen and bath."

Former Owner, HADCO, Suwanee, GA:
"Being single and interested in cooking were my main criteria.  Barbara expanded the scope of this space to not only allowing others to come cook with me, but also keeping in mind the storage needed for just me or up to 50 guests.  The kitchen is timeless and I know I’ll enjoy it for many years to come."

Homeowners, Rome, GA:
NKBA National Award Winner, Bathroom
"Southern Charm extended to our Master Bathroom as we attempted to do the closet as well.  It makes both of us feel so grand, proud and comfortable when we see the design and materials Barbara chose for our new space.  The elegance was capped off with the selection of the picture that still takes our breath away.  Thank you, Barbara."

Homeowners, Castle Rock, CO:
Master Bathroom
"Thank you, Barbara, we couldn’t have done this without you!  Even when I didn’t want to use your project management time, I found, as you saw, we really needed you and you came thru like a champ!  It was worth working with a professional like you!"

Beverly, South Denver
Master Bathroom
“Aside from loving to take baths, I have a condition where the shower makes me faint, so a good bathtub is a life essential.  I kept looking for a partnership for years that could make the seemingly impossible happen.  After inviting Barbara over, I was dazed at how fast we moved on what appeared initially to be a construction constraint, to all the design considerations and product. After everything was done I took my first shower in years.  But my tub experience is even better!  Now that it’s all done, I can say working with Barbara made things so much easier –shopping, delivery, color matching—no detail was too small.  I cannot recommend Barbara enough.  She will make the hard into easy and the impossible into the possible.  Coupled with a charming personality and endless resources, I think hiring Barbara was a no brainer! “


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